I’ve imported a file but there is no video! What do I do?

Video file types like AVI and MOV are just a wrapper for the actual video. They are containers that you place the video into. The actual video itself uses one of any number of codecs to store the video information. The word “codec” stands for Coder / Decoder. It contains the algorithm used to encode and decode the video or audio in the file. When Vegas imports only audio, this usually means that you either don’t have the correct video codec for the file or the video codec is not support by Vegas. To remedy this, first download a utility like GSpot or MediaInfo and drop your AVI file into it and find out what codec it uses. If it’s a MOV file, then open it with the Quicktime Media Player and use the Movie Inspector (Ctrl+I) to see what codecs are being used by the file. Then make sure that you have that codec installed. If you do and Vegas still doesn’t import your video, then it’s probably a codec that Vegas doesn’t support and you will need to use some other program to convert the file into a format that Vegas can edit.

Never, I repeat… NEVER install a “Codec Pak” like K-Lite on your video editing computer. It will replace the high quality codecs that you paid good money for with lower quality free codecs. Whenever you need a codec, just install the one codec you need. You wouldn’t take every pill in your medicine cabinet in hopes that one of them will cure you would you? Don’t load¬†unnecessary¬†codecs onto your computer either.


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John Rofrano is a Senior VASST Trainer and the author of Instant ACID, a book on Sony ACID Pro software, from CMP Books. He is also the developer of Ultimate S Pro, Vegas Pro Production Assistant, Mayhem, and other software plug-ins including the FASST Apps for Sony Vegas Pro NLE software. John has been a performing musician, singer, songwriter for over 40 years, and programmer and computer architect for the past 28 years. He is also a forum moderator at the Creative COW.