How to do a split screen with credit roll?

This is something you see at the end of many programs. While they roll the credits, the screen compresses to half its vertical size or half its horizontal size and on the other half they run bloopers or other movie clips. To make this effect, your bloopers should be on one track while your credit roll is on another (usually the upper track). Make sure the bloopers and credit roll overlap each other totally. Then follow the instructions below:

3D Track Motion is the tool for the job. You just type in the coordinates and sizes than to manipulate the video directly. To do this in Vegas Pro follow these steps:

  1. Go into Track Motion on the Credit Roll track
  2. Unselect the Lock Aspect Ration button. This is because you want to squeeze the aspect ration to get both videos on the screen at once.
  3. (Optional) If you want the split to be gradual, select a cursor position 1 or 2 seconds into the credit roll and create a keyframe. Otherwise skip this step and the split will be immediate.
  4. Change the Position values as follows (note width and height should be 1/2 you project resolution. This example is for a 1920×1080 project):
    Position Value
    X: 180
    Y: 0
    Width: 960
    Height: 540
  5. Close Track Motion for the Credit Roll track.
  6. Repeat Steps 1 – 5 on the Bloopers track changing the X: value to –180.

You should now have a credit roll on the right side of your screen with video on the left. You can reverse these by reversing the X: values. You can also make these be top and bottom by adjusting the Height: and Y: instead Width: and X:.


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John Rofrano is a Senior VASST Trainer and the author of Instant ACID, a book on Sony ACID Pro software, from CMP Books. He is also the developer of Ultimate S Pro, Vegas Pro Production Assistant, Mayhem, and other software plug-ins including the FASST Apps for Sony Vegas Pro NLE software. John has been a performing musician, singer, songwriter for over 40 years, and programmer and computer architect for the past 28 years. He is also a forum moderator at the Creative COW.